What our clients have to say...


At Kinected Pilates Center, NYC

At Kinected Pilates Center, NYC

"I must take a moment and let you (and all who are involved with Laurel Ridge activities) know that you hit a "hole in one" when you hired Erin Owen to teach some Pilates and Fitness classes.  I am recovering from breast cancer and was hesitant to take my first class.  Now, I look forward to each class she teaches with great excitement.

Erin is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field but is patient and adapts each class to the needs of the people who are taking it.  She has helped me personally with some neuropathy that has lingered from my chemotherapy.  I am stronger both physically and mentally with each class I take and cannot say enough about the positive energy that Erin brings to the room.  All members should try and take at least one of her classes.  I am sure they will not regret one minute of it!"

- Lori M., Waynesville, NC

Waynesville Pilates Home Studio

Waynesville Pilates Home Studio

"Erin is so much more than her resume, which is very impressive. You have to let her help you heal your body to understand the person that she is. Lori M. from Waynesville said everything about her presence that I wanted to say so I will not repeat all the attributes that she possess.

I came to her in severe pain in my left hip radiating through my knee to my foot. While waiting for appointments with doctors to determine the cause of this sudden pain, I found Erin. I was limping and could no longer do the walking and dancing that had been my exercise. She could tell which muscles were in spasm or rock hard tight. My first sessions with her were private and after the second session I experienced some pain relief. The cramps that I was having at night in my left leg ceased from the stretching and other work that Erin knew to do for pain.

By the time my MRI was ordered I had experienced 75% pain relief from my work with Erin. The MRI showed the root problem to be 2 pinched nerves and some stenosis in the lumbar area of my back. The Doctor ordered an Epidural which I followed. It gave me full pain relief for about 6 weeks. As it wore off and over $2000.00 later, I was back where I started. I don’t want to be a surgical candidate, so I continued with Erin by going with her mat classes. After having not been able to walk two miles since December 2015, I have walked the two miles twice this past week (8/7/16). The second time I walked, it was even easier. I must be developing a stronger core muscles to support my back. Erin has been a God-send, and her confidence in how she can help you is in her voice, eyes, and smile."

-Pat P., Waynesville, NC

"Having Erin as a Pilates instructor over the past months has been a true blessing.  As someone with a lot of discomfort in my shoulders and two herniated discs in my back, I came to Erin with the goal of strengthening my core and feeling some relief in my sore muscles. And I’m happy to say, I got so much more!  I always left our sessions feeling physically stronger and more grounded in my body.  Erin customized all of our sessions to my specific needs, helping me to understand exactly what was going on with my muscles and showing me how the pilates techniques were working to bring my “out of whack” body back into homeostasis.  Erin often introduced me to new and exciting  techniques which was wonderful, because there was always an element of surprise in our sessions.  But upon discovering my personal favorite pilates exercises,  she always made sure to incorporate those into our sessions as well!

Waynesville Pilates Home Studio

Waynesville Pilates Home Studio

Through working with Erin, I found myself physically feeling better and better.  More connected to my body.  I have much less tension in my upper back and shoulders and... I’m fit!  I have more body confidence and better muscle tone now than I’ve ever had before.  

And last but not least, Erin is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met.  Her magical energy and attitude are so wonderfully radiant and positive, it brightened up my day each and every time we worked together."

- Ruthie L., New York, NY

"Working with Erin really helped me improve my strength and flexibility to increase my golf club head speed.  In less than 2 months of working with Erin and Pilates, I noticed a big increase in consistent power and distance with all my clubs.  In addition, Erin worked out some of my past arm and wrist injuries, which will extend my playing years.  She is a true professional, with a can-do attitude and very fun to be around.  I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about getting more out of their game to take some sessions and watch the ball fly!!"

- Ron C., Larchmont, NY

"I have been working with Erin for close to a year. I find her to be an excellent Pilates instructor. She is very knowledgeable about the body and how it is supposed to work. But more importantly to me, Erin always has a smile on her face. She is very positive and always motivated. She makes working out a delight!"

N.K., Larchmont, NY